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Terroir Project: Rkatsiteli

Terrior Project: Rkatsiteli 330ml

Terrior Project: Rkatsiteli 330ml

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**American Wild Ale Aged on Rkatsiteli Juice - 8.3% abv** Firestone Walker's Terroir Project explores the concept of iteration and locality by having seven different breweries create beers using the same grain bill and barrel-aging time, but with each sourcing grapes grown within 100 miles of their home. The essence of each participant's "terroir" is what will define their version of the finished product.

Terroir Project: Rkatsiteli 2017 is our newest exploration in creating beer/wine hybrids - a curiosity that we've been cultivating through the years with beers like Cuvee de Tetreault, Dialed In, Stroka and Oenobier. We sourced Rkatsiteli juice from Westport Rivers Winery in Westport, MA to convey our New England heritage through this beer.

The beer pours an effervescent yellow straw, with rustic, funky aromas leaping out of the glass and a champagne-like essence. Subtle fruit notes lead off on the palate, nectarine, lemon zest, and white grape. A crisp, refreshing mouthfeel contrasts nicely with underlying earthy oak and funk.


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