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Hollow Heart

Hollow Heart 500ml

Hollow Heart 500ml

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**Imperial Stout with Chocolate & Vanilla - 11.3% abv** Treat yourself to a liquid Valentine's Day candy box, Hollow Heart Imperial Stout offers pure chocolate bliss with resplendently decadent notes from luxurious additions of Madagascar vanilla beans. A firm, deeply layered malt bill is the perfectly matched significant other to these indulgently rich flavors.

Pouring midnight black with a khaki-mocha head, Hollow Heart announces itself with exhilarating aromas of molten milk chocolate and creamy vanilla icing. A sumptuous palate builds upon the nose revealing immersive flavors of chocolate cake, fudgy vanilla mousse, & dried dark berries.

Full-bodied with a whisper of chocolate bitterness, Hollow Heart is lovingly filled out with a silky mouthfeel and a transcendent, lingering finish. **LIMIT (4) BOTTLES PER PERSON**
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